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Adjustable Oven Bead
Use fewer herbs while maximizing your experience with every draw.

Installed covers Pack
your herbs in large quantities for optimal warming.

Zirconium Airflow
System Enjoy the purest taste with every session.

Precise temperature + intelligent trajectories
Design your own experience with 3 different control options.

All-ceramic air conditioning
Achieve high levels of purity with a distinctive taste.

Including USB charging cable, accessory set, extended tip


It's your personal vaporizer, of course you should be in control, right? With MIQRO, you can switch from SMART PATHS mode to precise temperature controller or boost mode with a simple push of a button.


DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer * Onyx *
Carrying can (carry can) Protective cover (
Grinder card
2 x 18350 900 mAh batteries
10 mm water pipe adapter / extended mouthpiece
USB cable
cleaning tool / Pick
Extra Pearl post and sieve
4 x pipe cleaning sticks
4 x alcohol wipes
mouthpiece sieve carrier